• I can not be a virgin. I feel bad, can not tell anyone. More and more often something terrible comes to my mind: what if I never lose my virginity? What if I never beloved, and will never experience all the delights of sex and will create a family? I was horrified thought that are the best years of my life, my youth, which is just the same is intended to make love, to learn to receive and give pleasure. Fearfully.

     This is terrible and at work, rather than work, I sit quietly and look at a male colleague as he sits at his laptop and looks at  http://pornmovies.bid girls. A close look, his beautiful, his long fingers, the bulging Adam's apple, which is so eager to kiss ...

    Recently I stood behind him, and he was sitting at a laptop and looked domain site, I was lost in contemplation on his neck and head. I wanted to give up everything as if there is no one but us in the room, leaned over and kissed bared portion of his body, to drop to his lips begin kissing the back of the neck, head, get his fingers in my hair, start to kiss the Adam's apple to fall to the collarbone, and touch it, touch it, touch it, stroke his arms, his stomach, his hands fall down to where his dick tightly covered with jeans ... but he's married. He is not mine. I can not.

    This is intolerable, when in the street, in public transport, you look at men, guys, treat their hands, can you imagine how they caress with these hands of their women, and how they could caress me.

    Sometimes I'm late for work. Not because I'm not punctual, but because in the morning I get a wild sexual arousal. And I begin to masturbate. After first orgasm there comes a second or even a third ... and I caress myself. Although the word "caress" is not quite appropriate.

    Caress - a gentle touch yourself, light, slow movements. I rub myself, pressing firmly on the most sensitive points, with incredible speed by moving the hand and rubbing pussy itself. I can imagine how it looks from the side. Virgin, moaning and panting, jerking at a breakneck pace, whining at the end, like a wounded animal. I can not describe it any other word. This Fingering. Roughly and violently.

    I hate the evenings and nights, my God, how I hate them! I come home at night, go to bed, and so want to feel strong arms of men that loved snuggled up behind me to sing, I felt his dick. But men do not. I fall asleep alone and sometimes I have problems sleeping. Thoughts about sex with a man, with the desire about sex will not let me sleep.

    I can not be alone. I want to kiss and hugging. Moaning at the touch of a man to my body. I did not so much want to caress me. On the contrary, I want to give pleasure, I want to learn how to suck dick, kissing every part of the male body, breathe on it. I would have tried.

    I live in the same room with parents. It's awful when I masturbate at night, and they are sleeping in the next bed. And I do it quietly, trying not to breathe loudly and certainly not to moan. I touch myself, and the hand moving very quickly under the blanket. I move my hips in time with the movements of the hand, representing me that a man and his penis enters me. I often see at http://pornmovies.bid/vergine/ Imagine like this, when a cock enters, right there, pushing the lips, bumping into an obstacle. And I'm coming rapidly after a few minutes, much trembling legs and muscles are compressed. And so a few times in a row. Now I can sleep. These short-lived hours when the desire to sleep with the body ...

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